Adventure Kit  4.16
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AAdvKitZoneRectangle Class Reference

Implementation of a zone that provides the character with a rectangle defined movement. More...

#include <AdvKitZoneRectangle.h>

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Public Member Functions

 AAdvKitZoneRectangle (const FObjectInitializer &ObjectInitializer)
virtual FVector GetZoneRectMinWorld ()
virtual FVector GetZoneRectMaxWorld ()
virtual FVector ConstrainPositionToZone_Implementation (const FVector &WorldPosition, const FVector &HalfExtent, const FRotator &ExtentWorldRotation=FRotator::ZeroRotator) const override
virtual FVector ConstrainDirectionToZone_Implementation (const FVector &WorldDirection, const FVector &AtWorldLocation) const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from AAdvKitZone
 AAdvKitZone (const FObjectInitializer &ObjectInitializer)
void GenerateTransitions (bool bZoneMoved=true)
virtual void GenerateTransitions_Implementation (bool bZoneMoved=true)
virtual void AddTransition (TSubclassOf< AAdvKitCharacter > For, class UAdvKitTransitionComponent *Transition)
virtual void RemoveExistingTransitionsTo (class AAdvKitZone *Other)
virtual bool IsPointInside (const FVector &WorldPosition, float ErrorMargin=0.1f)
virtual TArray< class UAdvKitTransitionComponent * > GetPossibleTransitions (const class AAdvKitCharacter *ForCharacter)
FVector GetPositionInDirection (const FVector &FromWorldPosition, const FVector &WorldDesiredDelta, bool bClamp, const FVector &HalfExtent, const FRotator &ExtentWorldRotation=FRotator::ZeroRotator)
virtual FVector GetPositionInDirection_Implementation (const FVector &FromWorldPosition, const FVector &WorldDesiredDelta, bool bClamp, const FVector &HalfExtent, const FRotator &ExtentWorldRotation=FRotator::ZeroRotator)
virtual bool MoveLocationInDirection (UAdvKitZoneLocation *LocationToMove, const FVector &WorldDesiredDelta, const FVector &HalfExtent, const FRotator &ExtentWorldRotation=FRotator::ZeroRotator)
virtual FVector GetZoneForwardVector (const UAdvKitZoneLocation *AtLocation)
virtual FVector GetZoneRightVector (const UAdvKitZoneLocation *AtLocation)
virtual FVector GetZoneUpVector (const UAdvKitZoneLocation *AtLocation)
FVector ConstrainPositionToZone (const FVector &WorldPosition, const FVector &HalfExtent, const FRotator &ExtentWorldRotation=FRotator::ZeroRotator) const
virtual EAdvKitMovementMode GetPhysics ()
virtual uint8 GetCustomPhysics ()
virtual bool HasPhysics (EAdvKitMovementMode QueryPhysics)
virtual bool HasCustomPhysics (uint8 QueryPhysics)
void SetCharacterClass (TSubclassOf< AAdvKitCharacter > CharacterClass)
void AddCharacterClass (TSubclassOf< AAdvKitCharacter > CharacterClass)
void RemoveCharacterClass (TSubclassOf< AAdvKitCharacter > CharacterClass)
bool IsCharacterSupported (AAdvKitCharacter *Character)
virtual bool MoveLocationInDirectionNew (FVector &LocalZoneLocation, const FVector &WorldDesiredDelta, const FVector &HalfExtent, const FRotator &ExtentWorldRotation=FRotator::ZeroRotator)
virtual FVector GetZoneLocationWorld (const FVector &LocalZoneLocation) const
virtual FVector GetZoneLocationLocal (const FVector &WorldLocation) const
FVector GetZoneForwardVectorNew (const FVector &LocalZoneLocation) const
virtual FVector GetZoneForwardVectorNew_Implementation (const FVector &LocalZoneLocation) const
FVector GetZoneRightVectorNew (const FVector &LocalZoneLocation) const
virtual FVector GetZoneRightVectorNew_Implementation (const FVector &LocalZoneLocation) const
FVector GetZoneUpVectorNew (const FVector &LocalZoneLocation) const
virtual FVector GetZoneUpVectorNew_Implementation (const FVector &LocalZoneLocation) const
FVector GetClosestZoneForwardVector (const FVector &ToWorldLocation) const
virtual FVector GetClosestZoneForwardVector_Implementation (const FVector &ToWorldLocation) const
FVector GetClosestZoneRightVector (const FVector &ToWorldLocation) const
virtual FVector GetClosestZoneRightVector_Implementation (const FVector &ToWorldLocation) const
FVector GetClosestZoneUpVector (const FVector &ToWorldLocation) const
virtual FVector GetClosestZoneUpVector_Implementation (const FVector &ToWorldLocation) const
virtual FTransform GetClosestZoneTransform (const FVector &ToWorldLocation) const
FVector GetClosestZoneLocationNew (const FVector &WorldLocation, const FVector &HalfExtent, const FRotator &ExtentWorldRotation=FRotator::ZeroRotator) const
virtual FVector GetClosestZoneLocationNew_Implementation (const FVector &WorldLocation, const FVector &HalfExtent, const FRotator &ExtentWorldRotation=FRotator::ZeroRotator) const
FVector ConstrainDirectionToZone (const FVector &WorldDirection, const FVector &AtWorldLocation) const
virtual bool IsNameStableForNetworking () const override
virtual bool IsSupportedForNetworking () const override

Public Attributes

FVector LocalRectMinBoundary
FVector LocalRectMaxBoundary
- Public Attributes inherited from AAdvKitZone
EAdvKitMovementMode ZonePhysics
uint8 CustomZonePhysics
TArray< UAdvKitTransitionBuilderModule * > BuildModules
bool bDoubleConstructionScriptFix

Protected Member Functions

virtual FVector GetProjectedHalfExtent (const FVector &HalfExtent, const FRotator &ExtentWorldRotation=FRotator::ZeroRotator) const

Detailed Description

Implementation of a zone that provides the character with a rectangle defined movement.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AAdvKitZoneRectangle::AAdvKitZoneRectangle ( const FObjectInitializer &  ObjectInitializer)


Member Function Documentation

FVector AAdvKitZoneRectangle::GetProjectedHalfExtent ( const FVector &  HalfExtent,
const FRotator &  ExtentWorldRotation = FRotator::ZeroRotator 
) const

Projects a given character extent onto the rectangle plane.

HalfExtentThe extent of the character to project
ExtentWorldRotationWorld rotation of the character.
The projected half extent.
FVector AAdvKitZoneRectangle::GetZoneRectMaxWorld ( )

Get the upper right corner of the rectangle in world space.

upper right corner in world space.
FVector AAdvKitZoneRectangle::GetZoneRectMinWorld ( )

Get the lower left corner of the rectangle in world space.

Lower left corner in world space.

Member Data Documentation

FVector AAdvKitZoneRectangle::LocalRectMaxBoundary

"Upper Right" corner of the rectangle

FVector AAdvKitZoneRectangle::LocalRectMinBoundary

"Lower Left" corner of the rectangle

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