Adventure Kit

header The Adventure Kit is a plugin for the Unreal Engine 4 that includes gameplay elements which can be used as a basis for a variety of games.

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Feature Description
Flexible Movement System The movement system of the kit includes everything a good adventure needs: Ledges, Ladders, Walls, Ceilings, Tight Spaces, Balancing Beams and Ziplines! All these movement zones can be configured to work with different types of characters and the underlying base classes allow for an easy implementation of custom behaviors.
Item and Inventory System Augment your character with an inventory that can hold items, weapons and equip them on the character. You can also use key items to open locks or combine them to craft something different!
Over 70 Animations Lots of movements, interactions and poses to bring your vision to life!
Weapons The kit's item system includes weapon functionality and has implementations for Pistol, Machine Gun, Minigun, Bow, Sword, Boomerang, Overheating Gun and Grappling Hook.
Game Templates The example content comes with seven templates that you can use to create your own projects from! The templates include starter levels for a variety of games such as Zelda, Darksiders, Outlast, Mirror's Edge, Splinter Cell and Point and Click Adventures!
Powerful Character Actions The action system allows characters to perform a variety of tasks. They can synch up animations of several characters, handle item equipment, interactions and combo attacks!
Wall Walking Create characters that move on the ceiling or around planetoids! Set a gravity direction and the character will orient itself accordingly.
Material Based Footsteps Utilize UE4's physical surface system to customize how character footsteps sound.
Full Source and GitHub access When you buy the the kit you will get access to the GitHub repository used to develop the kit. Get updates as soon as they are committed!
Platforms Windows, Mac, Linux*, (iOS, Android, HTML5)**
No C++ required* The plugin is written in C++ but everything you need is exposed to Blueprints, in fact all of the example content is created exclusively with Blueprints!


You can download an executable with all examples that come with the kit here:

The kit contains sample assets, some of which were created by third parties. It uses starter content from Epic Games as well as sound files. All included sounds are released under the Public Domain license.

Additional Info

This software is a plugin for the Unreal Engine 4. It does not work as a stand alone and needs at least version 4.10 of the engine. Currently the mechanics only work in single player. Network support is planned but does not exist as of yet.


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Third Party Assets

The kit contains sample assets, some of which were created by third parties, the following list credits all used content. Everything from Epic Games is freely available on the Unreal Engine Marketplace or via the launcher and should be used according to their license. All sounds are released under the Public Domain license.

Asset Use Source
Character, Walk/Idle AnimationsUE4 Animation Starter Pack
Demo LevelUE4 Content Examples
Basic ShapesUE4 Starter Content
sword hit
sword deflected
sword whooosh
grass slash sound
gem pickup
pot shatter
footsteps metal
footsteps wood
alert siren
machine gun
silenced gun
empty gun
heat gun overload